What Is Jonah's Dive Company?

Jonah's Dive Company reaches individuals with Anxiety, Depression, and other Mental Health Disorders with free Dive Experiences while sharing the powerful message of the Gospel through creative SCUBA and ocean-themed experiences.

Originally started in a local dive shop pool on the weekends, Jonah's Dive Company, Inc. has now expanded to monthly sponsorship options all over the State of Florida. 

Jonah's Dive Company works with a similar model to a foundation, where each individual who receives their Dive Certification receives it completely free of charge. Moreover, we ensure these individuals receive a free six-month dive refresher course to make sure that they continue diving and stay current on skills.

Not everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our program; please see here to see if you or a loved one qualifies. 

To join our team, please see the "Contact" page and type "JOIN THE TEAM" in the subject line.